Meet the Organisers

The Ministry was formerly charged with responsibility for both health and social welfare.

The latter has since been excised, rejoined and eventually excised from the Ministry such that the Social Welfare Division is presently under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development.

GET is an Africa based consortium of experts focusing on Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) arising in Africa, EIDs do not respect international borders and can cross long distances naturally or by man’s increasing rapid global interconnectivity.
This means that EID may arise in Africa or anywhere else in the world and affect any population. GET has many international members and deep collaborations with international institutions.

MOTHERGOLD LIMITED is an Institutional Development Consulting firm registered in Nigeria in 2007 RC 710212.

Our evolution has been triggered by several years of consistent engagement with the global development challenges, the African question, strategic development initiatives, threats of state failure and the roles of state and non-state actors in making the world a better place. Nigeria, West Africa has been our focal country, the base of our operations and where our interrogation has honed in on the effectiveness of development initiatives such as the Vision 2010, National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) 1999-2007, State Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (SEEDS) 1999-2007, Local Government Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (LEEDS), the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Vision 20:2020, Long Term (Nigerian) Sub-national Development Plans , and now the Sustainable Development Goals. 2016-2030 amongst others.

The West African Taskforce for the Control of Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (WATER) is a virtual multidisciplinary group of experts that will promote and engage in activities aimed at addressing emerging and re-emerging infectious disease control in West Africa.
Its main focus is to provide a West African voice and leadership on the prevention and control of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. WATER is the result of a convening of West African scientists and other opinion leaders organized by OSIWA and OSF’s Public Health Program in Dakar.

WATER has six domains of intervention including: Health System Strengthening, Outbreak preparedness and response, Community Engagement, Bioethics, Communication and advocacy and Research capacity strengthening.

The Pan-African Network for the Popularization of Science & Technology and Science Communication.

The vision of African Gong is to realise a scientifically literate African citizenry driven and powered by its ownership of scientific knowledge. African Gong’s mission is to embark and sustain African citizens and communities through science communication and the public learning and understanding of science (PLUS) on an evolving, empowering and progressive journey to own and include scientific notions in their everyday experience, so that they are better able to make informed choices and decisions that will improve the quality of their lives.