From keynote addresses to conference sessions and from events to awards — ACoEID+Biosecurity 2016 has got it all (DOWNLOAD PROVISIONAL PROGRAM).

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  • 27 July
    Day 1
  • 28 July
    Day 2
  • 29 July
    Day 3
  • All Day
7:00 Registration starts
Collection of Conference Packs Check -ins

All available for the conference will receive the Conference materials.

8:15 Seating
Participants in the Auditorium

All are expected to be seated in the Event Auditorium

Opening Ceremony

8:30 Welcome Address
Commissioner for Health Lagos

The Honourable Commissioner of Heath, Lagos State, Dr. Jide Idris will be delivering the Welcome Address

8:45 Goodwill Addresses
Development Partners Addresses


9:00 Opening Addresses
The State Governor's & the Minister's Speech

The Lagos State Governor- His Excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and the Honourable Minister for Health - Prof. Isaac Folorunso Adewole, will both be delivering their speeches respectively. Also Including a representative from the NSA.

10:00 Plenary 1 – PLUS and Vaccine
PLUS Plenary Speaker & Vaccine Plenary

Public Learning &Understanding of Science.
Vaccine Strategies to combat EID.

Tea and Poster viewing Session.

11:30 Plenary 2: EID
Science of Ebola and other emerging communicable diseases

Dakar Declaration
Factors fueling the emergence of diseases Ecology and Pathophysiology of EVD-

12:30 Plenary 3 – 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak: Situation Analysis
Profile of an EID Public Health Crises. The West Africa Ebola Outbreak.

Situation Analysis, Guinea, Liberia and SL
Ebola and preparedness for future outbreaks –
Survivor Testimonies.

Lunch and Poster viewing

13:30 Plenary 4: Biosecurity and Biobanking. (GHSA, GPP, BWC and 1540)
Epidemic preparedness

Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA)
Global Partnership Program (GPP)

14:30 Plenary 5: Biobanking

Data Management–

Tea and Poster viewing

16.00 Plenary 6: Special Events
Projects and Presentations

AMR Project
SAA and presentation of the Harare Declaration to the Governor or Minister of Health.
African EID Book Project
Ebola Movie Project

Chairs of the sub Faculties to Outline Day 2 activities

Cocktails and viewing of Booths

Biosecurity and Biothreat Reduction training workshop

  • Generals
  • Break Out 1
  • Break-Out 2
  • Break-Out 3
  • Break Out 4

Participants to observe breakfast.

Thematic Discussions

Parallel breakaway Group Presentation and Consultation meeting

Group presentations and communiqué recommendations

Tea and Group presentations and communiqué recommendations from the 4 sub Faculties starts to all participants in the Main hall

Q and A

Oral Abstracts

Biobanking workshop

Cocktail Party

With Musical Entertainment by Sweetman’s Band

EID as an Accelerating Phenomenon and the Aftermath of The Ebola Outbreak:

Emerging Infectious Diseases as an accelerating phenomenon and the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak. Models of emergency preparedness, response and surveillance.
Bioethics of Public Health Crises caused by EIDs
Ebola survivors and survivor welfare and “the post Ebola syndrome”
Use of Convalescent Plasma and a Plasmapheresis agenda for West Africa
New EID trends Lassa, Zika, MERS, SARS, Tomato Ebola and Pandemic Influenza.
Results of the Ebola Clinical trials

Group Presentation Preparation

Group Presentation Preparation by the Members

Biosecurity and Bio threat reduction:

GHSA Public health crises management International biosecurity Conventions: BWC and 1540 IHR and PVS Biobanking Infrastructure

Group Presentation Preparation

Group Presentation Preparation led by Team Member

Public Learning and Understanding of Science (PLUS) and Science Communication (SC):

Public Learning and Understanding of Science (PLUS) and Science Communication (SC):
• Use of PLUS as a major containment strategy for EID.
• The Lagos State and West African experience An African Model.

Presentation of Abstracts, Papers, and Workshops

Group Presentation Preparation

Group Presentation Preparation led by Team Member

The need for a Vaccine strategy for the Ebola belt of Africa.

Leading vaccine contenders
Safety Profile
SAVI pledge

Group Presentation Preparation

Group Presentation Preparation by Team Member

  • Day 3

08.00 Plenary 7
Case Management 2

Blood study in Sierra Leon
Sierra Leone Biosecurity project

09.00 Plenary 8
Biosecurity sub Faculty Dual Use

Biosecurity sub Faculty Dual Use
One Health Paradigm

10:00 Plenary 9
Ethical Considerations:

In disease outbreak and management- In treatment and research during a deadly infectious epidemic like ebola

Science Communication and PLUS Plenary Addresses

Tea Break and Viewing of Posters

Plenary 10: PLUS sub Faculty

12:00 Plenary 11
Vaccine sub Faculty

Lunch and Viewing of Posters

14.00 Plenary 12
EID sub Faculty 2 Speakers

15:00 Plenary 13
Aiming for an HIV cure. Other

Tea Break

16.30 Plenary 14
Dakar Declaration Doing Development Differently

17.30 Closing Ceremony and Awards
Nominations to host the 3rd African Conference on EID and Biosecurity 2017.

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